• Sept 2020 - Present

    International Clinical Research Center (ICRC), (09/2020-present)

    Research Assistant -

      •Search, review and analyze published
        •Co-author papers after literature review and conducting in-depth data analysis. literature in public health with a focus on sexually transmitted disease (STI) prevention
          •Analyze data collected from REDCap using statistical software (R, & Stata), generate reports, and create presentations

  • November, 2014 - Sept 2020

    Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Sierra Leone

    Medical Doctor -

      • Provided general care to patients accessing outpatient services
        • Monitored and reviewed patients admitted to wards
          • Took medical history, examined patient and wrote patient referrals and reports

  • January, 2017 - May, 2017

    Health Alliance International

    Program coordinator: International Day Against the Commercialization, Marketization, and Privatization of Health Care

      • Assisted HAI's Advocacy Senior Program Manager in planning events' content and overall structure.
        • Played a crucial role in reaching out to local partner organizations and HAI's network of partners in Seattle and beyond.
          • Assisted in researching case studies of successful anti-privatization efforts in the US and globally

  • July, 2015 - March, 2016

    WHO Ebola Response Team Sierra Leone

    Investigator, Ebola vaccine clinical trial

      • Screened and recruited participants into the study
        • Obtained informed consent from participants
          • Confirmed eligibility of Participants
            • Collected data, monitored and reported any adverse event

  • January, 2015 - July, 2015

    World Health Organization

    Surveillance Program Officer

      • Supported the District Medical Officer to ensure that all contacts were traced and followed up on time
        • Participated in daily district team meetings and provided feedback on the progress of contact tracing
          • Supervised the chiefdom level supervisors and contact tracers