Talks & Conferences


  • 2022– University of Washington, Seattle: Epidemiology Seminar Series: “Uncovering the hidden curriculum of grad School”
  • 2022- Kenya Medical Research Institute, Lumumba Clinic: “Manuscript Writing ”
  • 2019 –Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Association, Freetown: Annual congress and scientific meeting: “Improving blood service delivery at Princess Christian Maternity Hospital to improve maternal Mortality”
  • 2017- World affairs council/ Fulbright Association, Seattle: Fulbright talks: “From civil war to Ebola, the Story of a Sierra Leonean girl”
  • 2017- Stryker’s Women’s Network, Seattle: “Letting women lead”


  • 2012-2014 & 2018-2019 -Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Association (SLMDA) Annual conference
  • 2016– Fulbright Enrichment Seminar in Global Health
  • 2013 & 2014- Sierra Leone Health and Biomedical Research Group (HBIOMED-SL) Annual Research symposium